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about me

Clothing for me represents a non verbal communication medium. My design philosophy is to create the right garment to express oneself, one's values and standards by clothes. I like to play with the intrinsic qualities of the materials in combination with the latest technologies, in order to create a distinctive design.

Berlin, the city I live in is brash, unashamed, imperfect and loud. My hometown Munich is elegant, unhurried and Old World. Both characterized by complete different lifestyles and attidudes have a profound influence on my design work like the people I live with and all the different cultures that encounter me during my journeys. My heart beats for my vision to create something with real innovation and an added value in this fast fashion world. 

I completed my master`s degree in fashion design at the University for Applied Sciences HTW in Berlin where I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree in fashion design as well.
I´m an open minded person always keen on looking for new inspiring challenges. 

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