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Giacomo Leopardi

Die Welt  gehört dem, der sie genießt

The  world is owned by whoever enjoys it! 

AW 2015/16

BA -- Collection

enjoyment, pleasure, relish, delight – in German ‚''Genuss''


In our post-modern society there is hardly any time to enjoy. People rush trough everyday life and forget about living life. They forget their beloved ones and they forget themselves.


Maybe it is the fear and uncertainty about future, that makes us restless and sometimes homeless in our global and unsteady world.


Because of these dreary and desolate side of society, there is a growing nostalgia back to nature and back to a sense of belonging. 

The German ''Tracht'', a traditional costume, is a symbol for this growing desire back to our roots and to go back to nature.


To bring a moment of enjoyment, pleasure, relish, delight in the everyday life of a post-modern woman, I created this collection.


Friederike Anabel Fiebelkorn


Bruna Vanessa

de Oliveira


Marie-Louise Häfner

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