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Von gesellschaftlicher Provokation bis zum politischen Statement 

From social provocation to political statement

SS / 2019

MA -- Collection


Our bodies have become the new religion and we try to perfect it constantly. Where does this body-centeredness come from and when is this display a social provocation, a political statement or just vulgar?

This question has moved me to develop a collection that deals with the external characteristics of a woman and its effect on society.

The focus at this collection is on innovative processing techniques such as Bonding instead of sewing laser cutting when cutting and Thermoforming / deep drawing of fabrics.

My vision is to integrate the added value of 3D printing into the fashion industry.

I worked on a 3D printed bikini, which is superior to conventional bikinis due to a special procedure and material composition.


The 3D bikini provides the perfect fit for any breast shape through custom geometry, which is determined using a 3D body scan. By using the latest technology, a design is possible that can not be produced using traditional manufacturing techniques.


Sven Görlich





Inga Jackson 

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